Different Ways You Can Enjoy Playing Online Baccarat

Different Ways You Can Enjoy Playing Online Baccarat

Baccarat is hands-down one of the most popular table game played at both brick-and-mortar and online casino. The goal to win the game is simple: bet on which you think from Player or Banker will get a total hand value close to 9. A Tie is also possible, though the odds of this happening is so terrible that players tends to avoid such wager. Nowadays, there are plenty of different ways you can enjoy playing online baccarat.

Different Ways You Can Enjoy Playing Online Baccarat

Just like any other games, new variants are created to make them even exciting to play and baccarat is not an exception. Here you can find a brief details about the most popular variations of the all-time favorite casino game. This includes Mini Baccarat, Multi-Table, 7UP, Progressive and Super Baccarat.

Different Ways You Can Enjoy Playing Online Baccarat
Different Ways You Can Enjoy Playing Online Baccarat

Mini Baccarat

As the name suggests, it is simply a down-sized version of the original game. Widely popular in the US Casino because of the simplicity, speed and accessibility of this game.

Usually there is only one dealer who handles all the responsibilities. This means you do not have to memorize anything and be focused more on playing.

Other than the smaller size of this game, the payout and odds are still the same. So if you have already experienced the original Baccarat game, playing this would be a piece of cake.

Multi-Table Baccarat

If playing one baccarat table is not enough, why don’t you try with multi-table feature? This variant allows you to have more than one table of baccarat on a single screen. Most online casinos allow you to have up to 10 different tables.

However, one thing you have to note is that having a lot of table’s means you must spend more money in order to get benefits from every wager that you do. Also, in multi-table, some of the casino software won’t show the dealers but that doesn’t mean you are not playing with them.

7UP Baccarat

This variation of baccarat is mostly found at Asian online casinos. The name 7UP came from the variations feature: there is always a 7 card dealt to the Player hand. The rules are mostly the same with the difference in payout and Player always start with a seven as its first card.

The good thing about the 7UP Baccarat is its side betting options named Super Sevens Bet. It pays out depending on how many sevens are found on the table including the initial 7 that is dealt to the player hands.

Here’s a breakdown on the payouts of Super Sevens Bet:

6 700
5 70
4 17
3 5
2 2
1 -1

Progressive and Super Baccarat

Both of these variations require you to place additional side bets or ante before the cards are dealt. These variants offer you two ways to win – you can either win by choosing the right hand or win using the side bet.

Progressive jackpot baccarat lets you win huge prizes compared to other and original game of Baccarat. While on the other hand, Super Baccarat let’s qualifying players receive additional pay-out from the online casino.


If you plan of trying these different ways you can enjoy playing online baccarat, make sure to learn them first through free-play feature. This will help you become more knowledgeable about these variations without spending a dime.

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